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In our hotel, where hospitality is not only cultivated but has a long tradition over three generations, you will find a welcoming atmosphere, a great ambience and excellent cuisine.


We’re looking forward to your visit!

Hotel Zum Märchenwald in Lingen

3 days cycling in southern Emsland

1 x welcome drink

1 x packed lunch for the excursion

1 x hot stone dinner

1 x three-course dinner menu

Heißer Stein

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Every day we offer you delicious meals and dishes to take away.

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Food & Drink

asparagus time in the "Märchenwald"!

The wonderful asparagus season begins on Monday, 19.04.2021. Look forward to various asparagus delicacies.


Once upon a time...

Grete and Gerd Veldscholten founded the Hotel zum Märchenwald in the beautiful small town of Lingen an der Ems. The hotel was named after the adjacent forest.

The guesthouse soon became known beyond the region's borders for its hospitality and special atmosphere.

The following generation expanded the hotel in a tradition-conscious but contemporary way: over time, the former village inn became a modern hotel in which the original personal ambience and conviviality lives on.